Solution to overthinking?

I have the tendency to overthink about my future. I am person who plans out my future carefully, what I should do, what I should not do, how much I should save, when I should apply for a HDB flat, what I should study in the future, what I should pursue etc so much more which slowly drains my happiness and left me to a point of depression because I can’t start any of it!

I’m in a process of curing myself now. It may not be immediately, but surely. At least i realize it now, better than never.

My basic effort to avoid myself from overthinking :

  1. Set time limit with internet. – Social media can be a useful place to express your excitement, but it could also cause you depression without you realizing. For example, I often compare my life with someone elses, which is unhealthy. I eventually stopped using instagram and facebook. It’s been over a month.
  2. Do something beneficial when you are alone – Sometimes being alone makes you think more about your plans about the future. Clean the house, read a book, play a game or workout instead. As for me, I cook alot to stop me thinking about my planning my future.
  3. Self talk – Tell yourself to live and enjoy the moment. Tell yourself that Allah is the best planner. Tell yourself to go with the flow. Tell yourself that you love yourself. Tell yourself to put your faith in Allah. Tell yourself that you do not hold the future. Allah hold the future. Tell yourself it is okay. Tell yourself.

“Although they plan.
Allah also plans.
And Allah is the best of planners.”
Quran Surat A-Anfal 30

If you could share how else I could overcome this problem, I’d be grateful. For now, that’s all I have. 🙂

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