Everyone has their own Storm

I went to the doctor because I thought I had body ache but instead I was told that I was suffering from anxiety. I had been under a lot of stress lately because of a lot of things and the only One that can understand how I am feeling is Allah s.w.t. My heart has been numb with numerous amount of rejections and unachievements and that finally puts me in a helpless position and a realization that I am a weak human being, and Allah s.w.t is more Great. Allahu Akbar. I’m not so sure how to explain this new discovery feeling I had felt towards Allah s.w.t. It’s like a mixture of not understanding why this has to happen to me but at the same time I know Allah s.w.t is so understanding, merciful and promising that I know all i have to do is to be patient. 🙂 No matter how hard the test that Allah gives me, it is nothing incomparable to the storm that is facing by our brothers and sisters of islam in Rohingnya, Syria, Palestine etc, and therefore I shall smile because Allah s.w.t is Merciful.

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