Questions after questions are His signs

Have you ever felt like you’re not alone, but actually alone? Imagine being in a room full of people yet you could not entirely connect with them. You have friends, families which you are grateful for, but for no reason you are not feeling content. You have a stable job, a house, you have everything anyone could ask for, but yet you feel the distance from attaining peace. You travel through the time everyday feeling an unexplained emptiness in your heart and then slowly questions after questions starts appearing on your mind.

What is the purpose of my life? Why do I feel discontent? What do I need to do in order to avoid feeling this way?

Often when these feelings appear in us, we will brush it off, carry on with life and continue shouldering the burden of all these questions in our head. But what we do not know is that questions after questions regarding the state of our emotions are callbacks to check our relationship with Allah swt. They are what you can also call, a knock on our door from Allah swt trying to reach out to us. If we don’t open the door, then how can we connect to Allah swt?

Sometimes we are so caught up with our daily worldly affairs in life, our kids, friends, families, with our school, with our job, running errands after errands to fulfill our responsibility, be it financially wise, family wise, that it led us  distancing from our faith without us even realizing.

One of the many things we can check back the quality of our ibadah. Does our ibadah bring us closer to Allah swt or has it now become more of a routine than a special connection?  Simply just look at our prayer or as simple as our wudu’. Did we take our time trying to perfect our wudhu knowingly that we are about to spend ten minute of our time (average prayer duration) with the One who created us or did we rush it?  Our prayer should be the moment that we are plugged out from the reality of the world and feel connected with Allah swt.

Take a minute to reflect, and be honest to ourself to decide whether it has become a routine. If we answer with a nod while reading this, then let me tell you this, Allah swt loves you so much that He is giving you a chance by making you see what not many people are able to see, which is the realization to improve/change into a better muslim.


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