Our Master, the Best Planner

As we have often heard, we plan but Allah is the best planner of all plans. Some changes which we thought we are prepared for , but Allah swt delays it because He thinks we are not ready for it. There are also times that we thought we are not ready for the changes to occur in our life but Allah swt thinks we are prepared for it. So He puts us in a difficult position with a sole purpose of strengtening our faith by giving us no option but realization that our reliance should only be in Him in every of our critical life decisions. Most of the time, whilst overcoming and adapting to changes we made in our life are the most vulnerable state that we have become, and all we are in need are motivations in spiritual aspect to be able to continue on with life.

For an instance, the delay in marriage. Who does not want to get married when the time has come? No one wished for marriage to be at thirty or forty.  An ideal age to be married would be twenty-five. However, if we have surpassed that age and yet to be married, we would probably be wondering why Allah swt delayed the marriage. But little did you know what Allah swt has in store for us. All the time, when there are delays, it will definitely be for alot of beautiful reasons. For this case, Allah swt could be preparing us to be the best version of ourself , financially aspect, spiritual aspect, maturity aspect, before we settle down with someone amazing.  Maybe we do not have a spouse yet, but Allah swt has given us the ability to fulfil our responsibility towards our parent. So don’t give up, and keep working towards being ready.

Marriage can also come in a sudden. You’re just twenty-one and someone you like has just asked your father in hand for marriage. You had never thought of ever getting married young. You might even think you are unprepared financially, mentally, spiritually. But in reality, Allah swt wants to tell you that you are indeed prepared, and that you are ready for that change, to be someone’s wife, by making you feel right about that next leap in your life after making your istikhara prayer.

For another example, the delay in landing a full time job that you really love. Anyone who pursued further in their studies must have been hopeful and optimistic in landing a job quick as soon as they graduate thinking that they can easily be recruited now being more qualified, only suddenly to be hit with interview rejections, months of being jobless, job hopping or even to result to be working part-time temporary.

The point is, in life, what we planned will not entirely go as what we planned. There will constantly be roadblocks along the way. The detours we take in life are usually meant to be for something good for us. We may not realize it now, but insya’Allah, we will realize it later. Perhaps the changes we make , and not getting what we want is a form of Allah swt protecting us and shielding us from far greater trial that we could never imagine. Remember Allah do not burden His servant beyond what he can bear(Surah Albaqarah 2:286).


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