Our generation

Majority do not realize the importance of maximizing their precious life by exploring their potential creativity and intellectual ability etc, instead used social media platforms as a medium to engage in meaningless conversations about celebrities, influencers and even prefer to use their time, watching hours of Netflix or Youtube when they could have used it for something more productive for their own personal development.

This may sound morbid, but we all know that age are nothing but days away from our last day on earth. We should never misuse the time we are given in this life. Time is never free. Social Media should be a platform of benefit to us and it should never be the reason for the distraction in our life purpose or goals, hence always limit the amount of time spent on all these.

We should occassionally take some time to reflect the amount of time we have spent on social media too. Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat etc. How often do we check and update those platforms recently? The more accounts on different social media platforms we have, the more attention spent on social media.

In a day, if we sleep for six hours, it means we are awake for eighteen hours. Imagine spending on an average of a total of fifteen minutes on every hour that you are awake on Instagram, browsing through those platforms to keep ourselves updated with the daily news and friends’ life activities, commenting, and posting back. That’s a total of 270minutes, equivalent to 4.5 hours spent browsing the instagram in a day!  This is not even including the amount of hours you spent watching videos on Netflix or Yotube.

If this realization does not knock some sense, then not so sure what will.

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