Why Muslim Travellers should visit Singapore

On top of the go-to list of Singapore attractions , here are the top five reasons, personally to me, why Singapore is a halal friendly place to visit for muslim travellers:

  1. Multiracial and Multi Religion Country


    Singapore are made up of many races, the main ones identified are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Singapore also consists of four main religion which is Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity.  I love that we live harmoniously together, and are respectful of each other race and religion. This promotes peace and safety in the country. Discrimination of races and religion do happen at times, but are not as common and severe as compared to what you can see in other countries portrayed by the media.

  2. 75 Mosques in Singapore
    Yes you heard it right! We have 75 mosques in Singapore and all most of them are accesible by our local transportation like MRT/LRT/Buses. Usually if you opt for tour in Singapore, they would bring you to our oldest mosque in Singapore which is the Sultan Mosque! However, if you would really love to explore other mosques to have an enriching experience praying as jemaah with the muslims in Singapore, I suggest you to make your trip down to other mosques of your choice during the maghrib and isya prayer time. Usually there will be lesser crowd for Zohor and Asr because people are working during the day and more crowd at night because of classes and lectures that are held in the mosques. Now speaking of classes, this leads to the number three in the list.

    Click here for the list of Mosques in Singapore.

  3. Islamic Classes/Lectures/Institute

    Honestly, I feel so blessed that the Mosques in Singapore are actively creating classes, lectures and events. It gives me wide choices of classes to choose from, and gives me no excuse not to seek Islamic knowledge. Usually, the classes, lectures and events are being advertised at IslamicEvents.sg or you can easily take a look at this facebook group that shows the events organized by the Mosque and Muslim Organzation in Singapore. I will give the link below. There are also Islamic institute, like Pergas, Darul Arqam, Zuhri, Andalus, Cordova that offers Diploma, Degree and even Masters in Islamic Studies. Most of the classes are conducted in Malay language, however, there are also English and Tamil classes.My point of sharing this info is, who knows, if you have more time, you might want to just attend any of the free islamic talk if there is one during your stay in Singapore. Otherwise you can keep this out of your itinerary.

    Click here for Islamicevents.sg
    Cick here for Facebook group on Activities at Mosques and Muslim Organization

  4. Wide Variety of Halal Food!
    Generally the majority of the muslims in Singapore are malay race, so if you see malay food, insya’Allah they are muslim owned and halal! However, not all of the food places are halal so look out for this logo! This logo means that the restaurant is halal certified! Our fastfood restaurants are mostly certified halal. You name it, Subways, Jollibee, KFC, McDonald, Burger King, 4 fingers, Nene Chicken, Wing Stop, Long John Silvers.Another advantage of Singapore serves international cuise so you will be surprise to find out that there is halal Indian food, halal Japanese food, halal Korean food, halal Chinese food, halal vietnamese food easily!

    Click here for the list of halal muis certified outlets in Singapore. You might want to take a look at this link here to consider going for the best halal restaurant while you are in Singapore!

  5. Mushollas (Prayer Room)

    Alhamdulillah, today, mushollas are widely located around Singapore, from the local Shopping Malls to the Attraction Sites in Singapore. This will make your trip around Singapore more convenient to pray. Our airport terminal, Universal Studio Singapore, Garden by the Bay, Wild Wild Wet, Lucky Plaza, Marina Shopping Centre and some other touristy places all has mushollas! However, I do suggest you to bring your own prayer mat and prayer attire just incase its all fully used!

    You might want to take a look at this helpful article here regarding places you can pray in Singapore aside the Mosques.

Note: Pictures are not owned by me, found in google.com

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