When Allah swt gives you tests

Dear Self,

This is a reminder for you my dear, to chin up and put on that sweet smile of yours. You are doing so well, so don’t give up and keep putting on your best efforts in whatever you do. Don’t let words bring you down, so do what you love to do and go for what you want in your life. You may not have anyone support, but remember, the only support you need is from Allah swt.

Everyone in this earth are tested fairly in different ways by Allah swt. It can be in the form of wealth, health, relationship, family and many more. These tests are created to see how obedient we are to Him whilst going through it and overcoming it will increase our strength, tolerance and patience.

We should always think good of Allah swt when tests are given. Sometimes in our life, we go through tests that no one understands even after we tried explaining but the real truth is, Allah swt  just wants us to rely on to him for comfort instead of His creation. If the test we go through has been ongoing without any signs of ending, it could mean that Allah swt just wants to increase your level/rank of closeness towards Him.

Remember what your Ustazah once told you, the real test of Iman is not about how much sunnah you had practiced, it is not about how much dzikir you did, it is not about how much you give dakwah, it is not about how much surah you memorized etc. but the real test of Iman starts when you face your own life tests and how you overcome it.

May Allah swt ease all your affairs Amin.

Yours Truly,

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