15MINS/day Workout ideas for Office Ladies

Yesss, I know how dreadful it is to find some time to squeeze in a short exercise because like so many of us, I am also working daily at a 8am-6pm job, and most of the time after I get home, all I want to do is rest. But we really have to push past that mentality because our human body needs some stretching after a long day in the office! So let me share with you my top favourite, 15mins workout ideas which I do on a regular basis on a weekday that might be useful for you:

  • 5 MINS of stretching + 10MINS of RUN


  • 5MINS of stretching + 10MINS of Skipping


  • 5 MINS of stretching + Complete 10 MINS Full Body Circuit video here  with Popsugar fitness


  • 5MINS of sretching + Complete 10 MINS Fully Body Workout video here with Emiwong


  • 5MINS of stretching + Complete 10 MINS High Intensity Workout video here with XHIT Daily


  • 5MINS of sretching + Complete 10MINS Cardio Jump Workout here with Popsugar fitness


The next question is can we even lose weight doing this for ONLY 15mins a day? And the answer to this question is, no and yes. It really depends on the intensity of that 15mins workout which we are doing. The more intense it is, the more fats we will burn. 15mins is at least something than nothing! To me personally, losing weight is not the reason why I excercise but I do it consistently in order to maintain my current weight! Aside from that, excercise helps to keep the body healthy and healthy body means healthy mind!

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