WhereToSolat (1) – Bigbox Mall

I suddenly have this idea of starting a #wheretosolat entries in hoping to benefit the muslims in Singapore, whereby I will be posting about my prayer space when I am out and about. It may not necessarily be at a Musholla (prayer room) or a Mosque, but it could also be at a secret corner which I feel like not many know of that you can do your prayer at.

Last week, I went to Bigbox’s prayer room and boy I was so delighted to see the whole prayer room covered in pink. The slippers are pink, the qurans are pink, the prayer attire are pink, even the hangers are pink. I think this is by far the MOST BEAUTIFUL musholla in Singapore. May Allah swt bless the effort of the people who decorated this musholla.


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2018-09-29 11.37.13 1.jpg

How to go to Musholla Big Box:
1) Go down to the basement level using the travelator when you see Lift Lobby A then go the the carpark exit.
2) Walk all the way straight where you can see the Parking Lot Q2.
3) Walk down the slope where you can see goods unloading area.
4) Walk straight towards the toilet area beside staircase L where you can see a musholla signboard.

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