Goals, Struggles, Achievements

When life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out if it. Lemon is fruit that when you take a bite at it, an instant taste of sour will appear, whereas lemonade usually gives pleasant taste of sweetness. The process of making lemonade requires you to squeeze the juices out of the fruit thereafter you add some additional ingredients like the sugared water.

Now if we are to analyze this carefully, lemonade symbolizes the aftermath of hardships which is success and achievements being unlocked. The taste of sourness of a lemon symbolizes the tribulations we will face while pursuing for something that we really want.  Whereas the process of making lemonade symbolizes the actions we take in order to overcome the tribulations to get to where we want to be at.

You see, most of us (including myself) set ambitious goals in life, picturing the future achievements, but had forgotten about the processes that we have to go through in order to reach that goals of ours.

Fact is that there will never be an easy way out to achieve something we want in life. We should always be mentally ready to face the consequences and struggles in every decision we make in our life in order to reach our goals. And every decisions we picked even if it might not be the best ones, are progressing us towards where we should be. One day when everything starts to fall into place, then we’d learn to appreciate that all our hardwork and struggles has been paid off with achievements.


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