HalalSearch (1) – Time for Thai

I am a tom yum lover so when my dad suggested to have our family dinner at ‘Time for Thai’ last weekend, I just had to quickly say Yes! I love the fact that Time for Thai is located conveniently across Beauty World MRT , with a bustop just right infront of the restaurant. It is also right beside Al Azhar Bukit Timah.

What we ordered:

1) Cockles ( I think its about est $9.90?)


Look at how HUMONGOUS the size of the cockle at my palm.


2) Tom Yum Fried Rice Seafood ($7.90)



3) Stir Fry Basil Chicken ($6.90)


4) Thai Iced Tea Red & Thai Iced Tea Green ($3.00 each)


4) Lobster Tom Yum Red Soup ($39.90)


5) Sambal Kang Kong ($6.90)


Overall, I think the food are fine. I feel sad that the alacarte dishes which we ordered does not taste as amazing as it looked. However, I genuinely think that the restaurant serves one of the best tom yum soups. The spiciness, tangy sour taste of the soup makes you ask for more! So if you are down to try out this restaurant, I suggest to not waste time and just order the Lobster Tom Yum because it is extremely delicious!

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