Who puts us to sleep and keeps us awake?

One of the many forgotten blessings is the state of being awake from our sleep. What amazed and frightened me at the same time is that we can go from the state of being unconscious when we are sleeping then back to being conscious when we are awake.

Have you ever thought about who is the One who puts us to sleep and keeps us awake?

Allah swt is the One.

When we are sleep, we will go through what i call , a “partial death”. We go into a state of unconsciousness, where we have no control over our body. During our sleep, our soul departs from body and returns back when it is time to be awake. All of these are done none other by the Creator of our universe, Allah swt.

In surah Az-Zumar Ayat 42, Allah swt tell us:
“Allah takes the souls at the time of death, and takes those that do not die during their sleep. He withholds those for whom He decreed death and sends the others back for an appointed term.”

So this means, death do occur during sleep.

Let’s take a personal effort to take wudhu, read some prayers for sleeping then recite kalimah syahadah before we sleep.

Then if we are awake, alive, healthy for another day, then don’t forget to say Alhamdulilah and especially recite the waking up prayer.

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