HalalSearch (2) – Mala Hot Pot!

Ever since a friend had introduced me Mala, I had never stopped eating it at least once a month. I have officially fallen in love with it. Mala is a chinese cuisine that consist of sichuanese peppercorn, chilli pepper and other various spices, which of course made it very flavourful.

Halal Mala Hotpot did not exist until recently, and as far as I know it is only located at the Kopitiam Hillion Mall @ Bukit Panjang as well as Bagus Northpoint City @ Yishun.

I recently went to the Northpoint City so let me share to you how it looked like.


The price varies according to the weight of the ingredients you pick. The heavier it is, the more expensive it is. Spiciness also comes with three levels, and you also have the choice to either pick the soup version or the fried version.

Overall, I give this a thumbs up and recommend every spicy food lovers to eat this. I personally love the Mala fried noodles spicy level 3 and it only cost me about $9! 🙂

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