A valuable realization which I had recently reminded me of what was  once shared by Ustazah S that the things we have and the people around us are merely temporary tools that are given by Allah swt and that we should never begin to attach our heart with.

Being too attached to the things that we have and the people we are close with will only lead to expectations and failing to meet the expections will only lead to disappointments.

The only attachment we should have for is Allah swt. If our heart is attached to Him, then insyaAllah He will never disappoint us.

You see, our clothes will wear and tear after a couple of years, like wise the same goes for the family we are born/married into and the people we crossed path with, they come and go.

When we accidentally burned our favourite t-shirt while ironing it, we will definitely feel upset and are forced to dispose it since it no longer bring us any use. For the people we cherish, there will be a time that they will eventually stopped being a part of our life.

It is very unfortunate and sad, but this is a reality that we need to sink into our brain first in order to not let us fall down too hard when their chapter in our life has come to an end. It is no ones fault, in fact, it is part and parcel of life. Nevertheless, having such mentality should not stop us from loving them for they are temporary blessings which are given to us by Allah swt.

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