WhereToSolat (3) – Northpoint City

Despite the many trips I did to Northpoint City the past two months to eat,  I finally found the chance to visit the Musholla located at Northpoint City yesterday because I was around that area during maghrib.

So if you happen to be around that area during the prayer times, especially when you are rushing to make prayers before adzan, then my advise to you is to not underestimate and to please cater 15minutes of your time to search for the Musholla. The mall is big, with the newer building connecting to the older building.


The musholla is located North Wing of Northpoint City at B2 level.

I know, searching for the North Wing can be a little bit challenging, so my tip is to use Yishun National Library route as your guidance to go to the musholla area. The same lift that brings you up to Yishun National Library will also bring you to the Musholla at B2 level.

Please be informed there is no place in the musholla to take your ablution, so please go to the usual public toilet to take ablution. Do also note that the prayer room can only have max 4 people inside.

The musholla is also shared between both men and women, so you might have to wait abit if there’s an opposite gender in the room praying.

For Men, incase there are women praying, then perhaps you might want to take the sejadah and pray at any corner outside the musholla.



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