HalalSearch (2) – Mala Hot Pot!

Ever since a friend had introduced me Mala, I had never stopped eating it at least once a month. I have officially fallen in love with it. Mala is a chinese cuisine that consist of sichuanese peppercorn, chilli pepper and other various spices, which of course made it very flavourful. Halal Mala Hotpot did not… Continue reading HalalSearch (2) – Mala Hot Pot!

Why Muslim Travellers should visit Singapore

On top of the go-to list of Singapore attractions , here are the top five reasons, personally to me, why Singapore is a halal friendly place to visit for muslim travellers: Multiracial and Multi Religion Country Singapore are made up of many races, the main ones identified are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian. Singapore also… Continue reading Why Muslim Travellers should visit Singapore

Our generation

Majority do not realize the importance of maximizing their precious life by exploring their potential creativity and intellectual ability etc, instead used social media platforms as a medium to engage in meaningless conversations about celebrities, influencers and even prefer to use their time, watching hours of Netflix or Youtube when they could have used it… Continue reading Our generation